What is the Best Diet Plan for Weight Loss?

People who are obese or overweight continuously search for the best diet plan for weight loss. Here, in this article you will find the best diet plan to lose weight in a healthier way. Remember, there is no shortcut to become slim. There is no quick trick or technique to look like a super model. What you need is a diet plan continued for a longer time together with daily exercise session.

Many celebrities stay away from strict diets and follow a relaxed but healthy diet. They say that basically it is important to be healthy and happy. Taking health food in the form of brown rice, whole wheat bread, oats, plenty of vegetables and fruits- these are their diet rules.

Fruit should be eaten from the time you get up until noon as it helps to cleanse the system. Fruit should never be eaten with anything else. For lunch and dinner one can either have a carbohydrate based meal which would be grains, beans and veggies or a protein meal which would be protein and veggies. Never combine carbohydrate and protein as they fight in the stomach and then become toxic. People gain weight not because of overeating and too little exercise but because they wrongly combine protein rich foods with starchy foods.

Here are some popular diets –

Low GI diet: If you eat food with low glycaemic index (GI), your blood sugar will stay balanced and you will have fewer cravings. Wholegrain and lentils are in, sugar, white bread, mashed potatoes and chocolates are out.

Calorie restriction diet: By reducing the calories intake by 40% often having one meal a day, you slow down the aging process to allow yourself to live till 100 or more. The diet is big on flaxseed, rice bran, brewerÂ’s yeast, sprouts, with green tea and sugar-free gum for snacks.

Mediterranean diet: It involves high consumption of fruits, vegetables, bread and other cereals, potatoes, nuts and beans. Olive oil is an important mono-saturated fat source. Dairy and red meat are low, eggs almost minimal and wine be consumed in moderate amounts.

Zone diet: According to this diet, the ideal ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats is 40:30:30 respectively. There are two methods you can use to control the portion size of carbohydrates and proteins. You have to eat your first meal or snack within an hour of walking and the last meal an hour before going to sleep at night.

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