What is blood group diet?


The blood group diet is the diet, which is allegedly designed to perk up
digestion and help to lose weight depending on your blood type. There
are 4 different blood groups and each group has a diverse diet to
follow. To follow this diet, you should know your blood type, whether it
is O, AB, A, or B. This diet will assist you bring back your natural
genetic pace and you’ll lose weight consequently.What to eat on Blood Type diet?Blood
Type O – Individuals with blood group O are considered very high
protein meat consumers. While on blood group diet, they must eat fish,
meat, vegetables, and fruits. You should limit your eating of grains,
beans, and legumes. Kelp, salt, red meat, seafood, kale, broccoli, and
spinach will help in losing weight.Blood Type A – Individuals
with blood group A must follow a veggie approach. You need to increase
your  intake of vegetables, seafood, tofu, beans, grains, legumes, and
fruits. Vegetable oils, pineapples, and soy foods are good for blood
group A individuals to help in the task of losing weight.Blood
Type B – Blood types B are more of balanced omnivores. You can consume
meat but not chicken, beans, legumes, dairy, grains, vegetables, and
fruits. Foods, which will help in losing weight are eggs, venison,
licorice, greens, liver, and tea.Blood Type AB – People with
type AB need to follow a mixed diet in moderation. That means, you can
eat seafood, meat, dairy, tofu, beans, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and
grains. To help maintain your weight, you should eat lots of seafood,
dairy, pineapple, greens, kelp, and tofu.What foods need to be avoided on this diet?While following blood group diet, certain foods are there which you should avoid to lose weight. Blood
group O people need to avoid wheat, corn, navy beans, kidney beans,
cabbage, lentils, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, avocados, mustard
greens and oranges. Blood group A people should avoid kidney beans, meat, dairy, wheat, and lima beans. Blood group B people need to avoid corn, seeds, wheat, lentils, peanuts, sesame, and buckwheat. Blood group AB avoids lima beans, red meat, corn, kidney beans, buck wheat, and seeds.What exercises do you need to do on Blood Type diet?Exercises are another factor, which will help with losing weight while doing blood group diet. Just like foods to avoid, exercises also depend on the blood group you belong to. Type
A – If you’ve type A blood group, then yoga is the option for you. Yoga
not just helps reduce stress but it will also assist in weight loss. Type AB, A, B – Tai chi is the form of exercise, which is great for individuals with type AB, A, or B blood type. Type
O – Physical exercises are the best for individuals with type O blood.
This would include running, swimming, weight lifting, aerobics and
biking.This diet is good for anyone, but you have to follow a
diet plan strictly, since this blood type diet specifically is intended
for particular blood types. You have to follow the diet as per your
blood group for results.

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