How Do I Choose My Personal Trainer: 7 Tips

Anyone who thinks they look good in shorts and a tank top is getting a certification for personal training. That’s all well and good but how do you know who is qualified and who isn’t? Here are a few short tips to at least make sure they didn’t get their certification in a box of cereal.

1. Call at least three personal trainers that specialize in your fitness goals. (Ask friends and other wellness professionals,{Doctors, chiropractors, nutritionists} for recommendations). – What trainers say they can do and what they can actually do are two totally different things.

2. Google each referred trainer and check to see if there are articles related to results that you are seeking. Many trainers try to be everything to everyone and wind up being nothing but a cash register, taking money and not providing results. Interview each personal trainer and ask specific questions such as: 1) Degrees or certifications from accredited certifying organizations 2) Experience: How long have they been training clients if less than 3 years, your asking for injury 3) How many clients have they trained with your goal or restrictions? 4) Does your potential trainer have testimonials from past clients? Do they try to keep their clients for a long time? Ask for references.

3. Beware of complimentary consultations/evaluations. Any trainer worth their salt should/ would not give their time away for free unless they were desperate for business. And, if they are desperate then why? Newly certified? Your goals should be their number one concern? Note: During consultations trainers should be listening at least 50% of the time. If the trainer is talking more than listening, he’s trying to impress you about how much he thinks he knows and just likes to hear himself talk.

4. Beware of package deals. Quality trainers can’t afford to discount their rate. They are paid for their time so if they can get $100 an hour, why would they discount it to $75 by selling a package of 10, they’re losing $250 That’s stupid! I would be very weary of going to a stupid trainer. Common sense will tell you they’re desperate. You as a client should pay ahead to insure you make it to the session, but “YOU” should never pay for more than a week ahead (or 3 sessions). It’s just not practical.

5. Are your results guaranteed? Quality trainers will present a fitness strategy and give you proper tools (Food journals, orientation manuals, and actual written plans with goals and benchmarks) to carry out your plan and then guarantee the results. Note: A quality trainer will be able to evaluate your goals and be truthful about whether your goals are attainable or just plain fantasy- you don’t need a yes-man/woman. You need a trainer!

6. Does your would be trainer look like they keep themselves in shape? If they are fat then probably not or if it looks as though they take steroids then health is not what they’re after. If you went to a fat Cardiologist you’ll probably die of a heart attack.

7. Are goals very specific? If a trainer doesn’t set specific goals for you or keeps you longer than your intended goalsScience Articles, I call it milking the client. Quality trainers want their clients to get to their goals and get out there as walking billboards showing off their newly acquired bodies. These 7 Tips to choosing a Personal Trainer should help you weed through the throngs of trainers who may be wolves in trainers clothing. It’s your money and your health; please choose who will help you create a better quality of life wisely.

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