Fitness Truths – Why The Slippery Slope Is Not A Fallcy

The “Slippery Slope” is a fallacy in logic which
assume taking a first step will lead to subsequent steps that cannot be

The Slippery Slope may be a fallacy in logic, but it certainly is not in fitness.

Have you ever had one of those slippery slope moments?

your going over to your family potluck, you feel good and have had a
great day. You got some exercise in the early morning at 6AM and you’ve
eaten several quality meals since then.

All of a sudden you reach
the gathering inside you see tables and trays and masses of sweets,
candy, your favorite foods, goodies galore.

The feasting begins,
you see everyone else going to town you get in line to get a few
snacks, then your favorite uncle offers you a try of his famous
wolfberry pie.

(Yes, wolfberry is an actual berry)

In a
moment of weakness you wolf down that wolfberry pie, then out of the
side of your eye you catch a glimpse of your sister’s cookies. You then
dive into that bag of cookies. Grandma’s spaghetti is right in front of
you, that sounds good too.

It is a slippery slope from there, in
that once you pop you can’t stop type of thing. A temporary loss of
self control can result in a day long binge or even a weekend eating

You see, once you are on that slope, it just keeps going
down hill from there. In the case of eating, the slippery slope
certainly is valid and true. The first step of tempting food can and
will lead to subsequent steps that cannot be prevented.

simple solution, don’t approach the crest of the hill, stay back, and
resist that first urge even if it is done in innocence.

Do you
ever feel like you are on a slippery slope in life. One slip after
another leading you down a slippery slope into greater confusion and no
results in your fitness program. Continuous accountability can keep you
up on your feet moving forward every single day of the week and living
a better life.

The key to successful weight loss is not sudden
and dramatic shifts in weight. Even if you lose 1 ounce a week, just
that little amount, continued over time, you will achieve your goal.
Though it may seem little, consistency is the key.

No matter how
much you lose each week as long as you keep going, keep at it, just
never stop, you’re going to reach your fitness goals. Here’s a little
something to live byFree Articles, “The best way to become unstoppable is to refuse
to stop.” Don’t ever give up on your fitness goals – keep going -

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