Day 51


Thoughts:¬†How far would you go for your health? How hard would you work and how much does your health mean to you? Today I arrived in Singapore airport and there was absolutely nothing I could eat there inside the Earth Diet (no preservatives, additives, processed foods for 365 days). There was a McDonalds and a cafe sellings pastries and breads. So I took action and jumped in a cab ($17) went into Singapore and bought some cherries ($4) and some nuts almonds cashews pistachios ($8) and a cab back ($15) in time to get my flight. So my lunch was $44! Totally worth it. There is no price on my health. Plus I had a fish spa while I was at it…hahaaa as you do in Singapore. The fish spa is where you put your feet into a pond and all these Garra Rufa fish from turkey come and eat all the dead skin off you feet and legs. My feet and legs felt so smooth after!!! This amazes me see because there is no need to buy chemical foot scrubs or exfoliants when the earth provides us with a natural one! Fish! Hehe and if you don’t have access to the fish a favourite of mine is sand from the beach. ūüôā ¬†¬†Challenges:¬†Nothing in the airport at all inside the Earth Diet. Would be awesome to see a healthy alternative at airports!¬†Triumphs:¬†Going for an adventure into Singapore to find some earth foods ūüėȬ†What I Ate Today:Breakfast:¬†no breakfast. First time I have missed Breakfast since I was on the Earth Diet. To me breakfast is the most fun meal of the day and I love to eat it! Today I was on the plane.¬†Lunch:¬†cherries mmm mmm and cashew nuts, pitachios and almonds. A beetroot, carrot, celery, ginger and pineapple juice.¬†Dinner:¬†advocado. I was also on the plane and arrived back in Aussie land at 9:30.¬†Dessert:¬†no dessert.Snacks:¬†no snacks.Cost:¬†nuts $8 advocado $2.50 juice beetroot pineapple Ginger celery carrot $5 cherries $4. Total: $19.50Exercise:¬†walking around Singapore! My friend Jane tightens her butt and abs when she’s walking to get more of a workout!

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Liana Werner-Gray’s idea of eating only foods naturally provided by the earth began in Australia, following her Miss Earth Australia 2009 People’s Choice win. With the environment in mind and health of the world population, she pursued the idea of eating only foods that nature intended for 365 days. Werner-Gray started a daily online blog to share her journey with the world. She began the diet on Saturday, October 24, 2009.

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