Checking Tips for Dogs’ Health


Sometimes, our beloved pet dogs may get ill or injured unfortunately. We may be anxious to know the health status before sending them to hospital. Here are some simple checking tips that can help you find it out.Respiratory rateIn normal conditions, a dog’s ventilatory frequency is 20-30 times minutely. If it’s bigger than such figure, it means that that dog’s not well. The more breathing times, the worse its illness.Heart rateNormally, a dog’s heart rate is about 90 times per minute. Some large breeds reach only 50 timesper minute while many small breeds reach 150 beats per minute. You should know your dog’s normal heart by consulting with a vet. When some unexpected things happen to your dog,  you can press its chest with hands to count the heartbeat, judging its health conditions.ComaA sober dog will be blinking when you touch its canthus gently; if the dog has no reactions, it means that it’s in a coma. Besides, you can clip its toes to check if it’s in coma. A dizzy dog will have no reactions. If a dog is in coma because of injury, you can press its gums with fingers. If gums recover to original colour very soon, the dog do not lose much blood; if not, unstopped trauma bleeding or serious visceral hemorrhage may happen to the dog..Brain injuryIf you use a flashlight to illuminate pupils of a dog, they will get contracted to the light. If the pupils are already in a state of contraction, brain injuries are likely to occur.Wound    Before you dress wound of your dog, cut the hair around it first, clean the wound gently with  warm water, sterilize it with mild disinfectant and apply some ointment to prevent infection.when you finish all these steps, it’s better to send for a doctor than leave your dog recover naturally.With these basic checking skills, you can make right judgement when your pet dogs have some health problems.Source: Free Articles from

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