Bestsellers In Exercise And Fitness For The Aging

Somatics by Thomas Hanna shows you how to reawaken your mind’s
control of movement, flexibility, and health. The author demonstrates
that so many problems that we have accepted as inevitable over time like
chronic stiffness, bad back, chronic pain, fatigue, and high blood
pressure do not necessarily ever have to occur if we learn how to
consciously control our nerves and muscles. Hanna calls this a state of
sensory-motor awareness. By following this gentle program, you can
maintain the pleasures of a healthy body indefinitely with only a
five-minute routine once a day.

Cycling Past 50 by Joe Friel shows
you how to become an ageless athlete. Conventional wisdom says that
middle-aged cyclists should slow down and expect to not be able to
achieve as much as they grow older, but this book shows that cyclists
with the proper training and attitude adjustment can achieve more than
ever after age 50. This book is written for all types of riders
including mountain bikers and track races and provides a look at the
full range of considerations for cycling successfully into and through
middle age. This book will inspire cyclists to perform better with more

Age Defying Fitness by Marilyn Moffat and Carole B.
Lewis shows you how to make the most of your body for the rest of your
life. We all know that our bodies change with age but many of the
problems attributed to inevitable age-related changes are not actually
inevitable and can be reversed with lifestyle changes. This book shows
you how to overcome aches, stiffness, and unsteadiness in your muscles
and joints. Using these tests, you can assess your level of physical
performance in posture, balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance.
This book is more than a simple how-to book because it encourages you to
take responsibility for your well-being.

Strength Training Past
50 by Wayne Westcott and Thomas r. Baechle will help you increase your
strength to improve your health, your appearance, and your performance.
Strength training has many advantages for an adult including enhanced
athletic performance, reduced risk of disease, decreased symptoms of
arthritis, diabetes, and osteoporosis. This book has everything you need
to start enjoying these benefits or to jump-start your current routine.
This book will keep you active, healthy, and looking great. You can
find workouts and programs designed especially for you.

Old Is Not for Sissies II: Portraits of Senior Athletes is the sequel to
the best-selling book of the same name. It teaches you how to
reevaluate the popular associations of age with malaise and infirmity.
This book provides 100 compelling portraits of senior athletes
accompanied by their personal statements and poems about their
experiences with aging. This book shows you that physical activity can
be enjoyable. Not only will you take delight in working out as you age
but you will feel the benefits of your actions. If you follow the
example of these senior athletesHealth Fitness Articles, you too will live to a ripe old age.

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