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Your traps, the second mostworked region in this program is your arms. You’ll do plenty of curls as if we could stop you and compound exercises like the pullup and dip, all of which lead to sleeve-splitting biceps and triceps. Finally, we also have you performing a good deal of isolated forearm work-in the form of regular and reverse wrist curls with both barbells and dumbbells. Often your weakest link on heavy strength exercises, your forearms and grip will benefit from the direct attention, preparing you for more intense loads on more complex exercises as the program goes on.

Still, despite the emphasis on upper body, we aren’t neglecting your lower half not only because we expect you’ll be wearing shorts this summer, but because leg exercises generate muscle growth all over. Heavy, testosterone-releasing moves like the squat and deadlift are key to success on our program, keeping your body in balance and your progress moving forward. Furthermore, three days a week you’ll perform cardio or some other calorie-burning activity. This is essential for searing excess fat from around the midsection and completing the taper from your soon to be wide shoulders down to a narrow waist, carving out a classic V shape that looks great in a tee and even better when your shirt comes off.

Many personal trainers, fitness instructors and strength coaches are turning to the medicine ball as an integral part of their training programs. The following exercises can be used to provide a quick workout. Choose the appropriate difficulty level and aim to complete 12 to 15 repetitions of each exercise.

Add between 100 and 500 calories to the number you just calculated, and strive to consume that amount each day, adjusting accordingly as you gain weight. Let these calories come mostly from carbsFree Reprint Articles, relying on starches such as potatoes and rice. For more details visit

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