Are Herbal Weight Loss Supplements Really Safe And Effective?


Obesity nowadays has made most of us its prey. Machines have made life easier today. They do it all for us while we spend most of the time sitting whether at office or at home. It is, as it were, we have forgotten to toil. This sedentary lifestyle makes whatever we eat settle on us in the form of fat and that makes us obese, yes really too obese! Furthermore eating of junk food, reluctance for physical activity, all contribute towards throwing us badly out of shape. The inter-related problems of obesity and overweight not only make life difficult but also bring in a lot of health hazards. The energy level of overweight people drop markedly and they find it difficult to move, they look ugly, feel embarrassed because of their huge shape and are always gasping for breath. There are many ways to control fattiness. Dieting and exercising are the known measures but these days weight loss supplements are becoming increasingly popular. Various herbal and non-herbal fat loss supplements have come in to the market and so you have many options to choose between. In this article, our focus of discussion is on herbal weight loss supplements and how safe are they. Herbal supplements cause weight loss by functioning in a manifold manner: they burn fat down, expedite metabolic rate, build lean muscle and remove excess water from our body. Herbal medicines, most of us believe, are safe enough as they are composed of natural herbs. But this is not always the case. If you take herbal medicines in the wrong dosage and for the wrong duration, they too can harm you. Also some herbal ingredients are toxic in nature while some others react with the other medicines you are taking and those reactions may adversely affect your health. Herbal supplements too cannot be excluded from this possibility. So be alert even if you are taking an herbal weight loss supplement. Studies have shown that many herbal supplements damage liver; dehydrate body, cause constipation or diarrhea and flatulence. Also the ingredient Ephedrine in many herbal weight loss supplements causes enough harm. This is why FDA or American Food and Drug Association has banned this particular ingredient.To sum up, I would say that it is not wise to compartmentalize herbal supplements as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’. Some are safe while some are not. The best ways to ensure whether an herbal weight loss supplement is safe for you or not may be listed as follows:1. Consult a doctor prior to taking the supplement.2. Read labels carefully before purchasing.3. Read and compare the product reviews written for different herbal weight loss supplements.4. Don’t ignore the traditional measures like balanced diet or exercises.Hope this article aptly answers your query regarding herbal weight loss supplements.Source: Free Articles from

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