A Message to Gym Owners, Personal Trainers and Fitness Websites Owners

When you decide to step into the fitness field as a career you take on a responsibility to the people who decide to use your service. This is a serious obligation, as serious as a doctor, lawyer or police officer. You are personally responsible for your clients well being. It becomes your responsibility to ensure that they are being presented with a valid and correct solution to their problem.

This is the difference between a bad service (gym, training service, website etc) and a good one. The industry is running rampant with people out there whose sole goal is to make a quick buck off the naïve. These people look to fitness professionals for advice or guidance for their personal health and physical fitness. It is very important to give them information or utilities that is safe and has their best interests in mind.

 Everyday when you look around the gym there are more people than you can count simply doing things improperly. I blame this on the fact that there is no training reference out there. Most personal trainers out there spend more time on their blackberry’s than actually coaching or instructing. The majority of the websites out there are primarily focused on selling overpriced under effective supplements and gimmick machines.

Please as fitness professionals, who like it or not are personally responsible for many people’s personal health and physical fitness it is imperative that you offer information that is both safe and effective. It takes the voices of many to properly change an industry that is so offbeat at the current moment that many don’t have the chance to get the advice and training that they need to succeed.

So the next person who steps foot in your gym, or the next person who clicks onto make it your personal goal to properly train them. Help them to understand what they have to do to live a health life and achieve the body that they want. Don’t just try to figure out how you can make a quick buck off them and send them on their way. Give them the information that they need to succeed, give them a safe and effective place or way to exercise.

As a group we can change the perception of the fitness industry, the idea that it is just full of a bunch of meathead or airheads that really don’t have a clue. We can personally try to change this epidemic that is going aroundArticle Search, the unfit epidemic that is plaguing modern day life. The first step is yours!

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