Day 107

”; Thoughts: Why Are Wheat and Rice So Bad for Your Health?Afterall wheat is grown naturally on the earth, so it must be part of the Earth Diet? Well it would be…however it’s how it’s now being made and processed that makes it bad for us. You can actually grow your Continue Reading

Day 106

”; Thoughts: Earth Dieter and musician Warwick Horwood shares his healthy transformation with us…(and wow!!!)’I realized today that my favourite meal is a plate of Steak, Panfried Salmon or Scrambled Eggs, served with a salad/vegetable mix of raw spinach, lightly steamed broccoli and beans, all drizzled with virgin olive oil Continue Reading

Implementing hCG Weight Loss

”; If you’re asking What Is hCG Diet, that can be answered in a technical sense to begin with.  If we are going to define the term hCG Diet Drop, it basically refers to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone.  It is produced by the placenta cells of expectant women.  It allows Continue Reading

Day 105

”; Thoughts: Earth Diet reader Ian Campbell wanted to share this with us…(we have come to quite a processed and chemical world so quickly it seems)”I grew up in the country and on my Grandfathers farm he collected his own rain water, dug out a well for water to flush Continue Reading